Writers’ Meetups

Writers’ Meetups

Renowned fiction writer and literary critic  Dr. Rasheed Amjad signing an agreement with Sareer Publications at its Rawalpindi Office on November 30, 2019.

Renowned Poet & Literary Figure Mr. Naseer Ahmed Nasir, Chief Publication Advisor.

Meeting with Legendary Fiction-Writer Mustansar Hussain Taarar at his residence in Lahore on February 08, 2020.


Renowned Novelist, Fiction writer, translator of famous books and Directory of Pakistan Academy of Letters, Punjab Branch Mr. Muhammad Asim Butt signing  agreement at Sareer Publications Office for his famous book 'Japani Kahaniyan' on December 15, 2019.

Famous literary critic  Dr. Iqbal Afaqi's signing an agreement for his books to be published by Sareer Publications on November 30, 2019.


Famous Fiction Writer and Novelist Muhammad Ilyas signing agreement at Sareer Publications Office Rawalpindi on December 03, 2019, for his book 'Waray Ki Aurat'.

Famous Writer 'Ahmed Salim' signing agreement at Sareer Publications Rawalpindi office on Feb 12, 2020.


Famous Fiction writer Mr. Muhammad Atif Aleem's signing agreement at Sareer Publications Rawalpindi Office on November 21, 2019 for his unique novel 'Mushkpuri Ki Malka' being published by Sareer Publications. The novel is based on the human-leopard conflict in the backdrop of Galliat region  and is considered to be the one and only piece of fiction based on this sensitive topic.

Famous Post-Modernist Fiction Writer and author of stories on sensitive social and political issues Mr. Musharraf Alam Zauqi signing agreement for his books on December 01, 2019.